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 SEGA Game Rumors - Yakuza 5 For Vita, New Bayonetta etc

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PostSubject: SEGA Game Rumors - Yakuza 5 For Vita, New Bayonetta etc   Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:39 pm

Quote :
Sega will have a big Tokyo Game Show, if rumors brought about by an inside source of TSSZ are to be believed.

According to their source, Sega is planning to reveal a new Bayonetta at the Japanese trade show, though would not confirm whether it was a spin-off or direct sequel. Sega's animation studio Marza Animation Planet is apparently working on an animated component for the franchise as well.

The information comes from a source who hinted a new Super Monkey Ball to the site some time ago, which may be the Vita game leaked on Sega of America's Flickr yesterday.

Separate from the Bayonetta rumors, the source also said that Sega is considering PlayStation Vita and Wii U versions of Sonic Generations. Internal code already exists for the Vita version, according to the source. But the Wii U port would only come sometime around the system's launch if Generations sales far exceed the company's expectations.

And Yakuza 5, confirmed by Sega earlier this month, may also come to PlayStation Vita. The source said the company may be working on a version of the game for the handheld.

Virtua Fighter fans should have their rumors fix tomorrow, when the site is promising information on how the franchise "fits into Sega's present and future plans."

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SEGA Game Rumors - Yakuza 5 For Vita, New Bayonetta etc
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