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 Legends of SGAF trophies

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PostSubject: Legends of SGAF trophies   Fri Sep 02, 2011 8:01 pm

Here is the old thread that won't be updated any more. I pretty much copy/paste the thread here as it was when GT removed the factions. Here we pay our respects to the platinum trophy earners from the SGAF on GT.

Removal of the leaderboard from here to a google document page to save on character space
Each game now has a platinum trophy icon in the document

clarified the trophy document in this thread

removed the difficulty rating for each game in the trophy document (so no more 1/10, 2/10, 10/10, etc.) and replaced it with a rarity rating based off how rare the platinum trophy is. This information is gathered from

Green text indicates something new I've done

Orange text indicates something that is no longer in effect

Hello and welcome to the Platinum Trophy Thread V2.6.0

First off I'd like to bid fairwell to bleedingkitties9, he was an excellent ADMIN of this faction and this thread and will be missed.

(by that I don't mean he's leaving, he doesn't have time for this thread anymore)

This is where trophy related conversations, tips, multiplayer trophy setups etc. can be discussed here. However, like with bleedingkitties9, If it is posted in the thread it will not be updated. I know I pretty much made a post in almost every page in the PTTV1 but I may not be able to keep checking every page if say I'm gone for an extended period of time.


The platinum thread is now managed by yours truly *Quickstrike* WOOT =D

Displayed will still be:

1: A chronological list from least to greatest amount of trophies.
(Ex: 9 Platinum:
1. awesome_person1
2. cool_dude2
3. etc...)

2: There will be an alphabetical list of every game in which a platinum has been attained with your user name listed. There will be a icon for the platinum trophy and a difficulty rating for each game ranging from 1/10 to 10/10 which came from (either the trophy difficulty thread for a game or a guide if the difficulty thread doesn't have enough votes)

The difficulty is now based on collective trophy rarity, ie. if more people has a platinum, then it'll be considered common/uncommon, if less people has a platinum trophy, then it'll be considered rare/very rare/ultra rare. This information is gathered from, which to my understanding has the largest leader board of the majority of PSN users. I'll be checking on each trophy once a month to see if there has been any changes, there is a chance a previously uncommon platinum has dropped to common, or raised to rare. In the event that happens then I'll make changes accordingly.
Ex: God of war III

1. Bleedingkitties9
2. -achillies-
3. etc..

The above is true for the google document page. I had to remove the leader board from the op to save on character space.

In order to see what games people have platinumed then click on the *GAMES* link below the line


*message format should be as shown*

Subject: SGAF platinum

Body: The games are "Y game" and "Z game."

I now have a total of "X platinum trophies."

Happy Hunting!!


102 Platinum!

1. Quickstrike

71 Platinum!

1. dahein

59 Platinum!

1. ImperfectJin

28 Platinum!

1. Kyubey

2. Zeratul12345

3. Vash

25 Platinum!

1. -Samanosuke-

2. LostPlanet777

24 Platinum!

1. BluDay

23 Platinum!

1. Warlock

21 Platinum!

1. phantomfreak

20 Platinum!

1. Sieghardt

18 Platinum!

1. hinojosa3

17 Platinum!

1. duman

2. Willis2515

15 Platinum!

1. MrGreivous

2. super-james

14 Platinum!

1. Nemorin

13 Platinum!

1. WillPG1212

2. Kratos300-123GoW

3. bigjoe2212

4. EyesBleedNoSleep

12 Platinum!

1. -Achilles-

11 Platinum!

1. Matieo10

2. excludedkratos

3. costa44

4. sabestar

8 Platinum!

1. -Nemesis-

7 Platinum!

1. bleedingkitties9

2. jkrulz777

3. Nightfallen

4. user1337

5. RazorBl00d

6 Platinum!

1. KerwanRatchet

2. Exprima

5 Platinum!

1. GaboCalde

2. Mosh

3. eldiablo8713

4. LeArtiste

5. Ad-Rock

6. SoulRoad

3 Platinum!

1. ArbelaeZ

2. BarneyStinson

3. uberspank

4. Cruel7

5. RynoDaxter

2 Platinum!

1. matrixs817

2. AlphaAlec45

3. Captain-Hammer

4. j0zman

5. TheCreed

1 Platinum!

1. fUtureGmr

2. Sanetsuken

3. knightcawk

4. Stoephoer

I've linked every game to their trophy list. If any are incorrect then let me know via PM.
Trophy difficulties also derive from


There might be a bug with google doc where you can't view a public page without logging into a google account first, if you encounter this bug then click this link and view the google doc tutorial page until you get to the last page then try checking the games link above again

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Legends of SGAF trophies
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