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 OFFICIAL Hitman Absolution

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PostSubject: OFFICIAL Hitman Absolution   Sat Sep 03, 2011 10:34 am

Here's the info on Hitman: Absolution:

. 47 is more agile and easier to control, he'll be able to grab on ledges and balance around edges.

. The game will feature an integrated cover system integrated, human shields will also be making a return.

. Hiding in dark corners makes 47 invisible to suspecting enemies.

. Silent Assassin rating can be achieved by killing targets only, optimally the cause of the death should be accident.
The game will have a film-noir flair to it.

. Dynamic music, expect it to keep changing everytime you play a level.

. Environmental objects can be used to dispatch enemies; Good examples are: strangulation with electrical cords, the good old chandelier and even a Bong.

. Glacier-2 engine returns once again, using a crowd system to showcase dozens of people on screen.

. Detailed graphics, fantastic lighting, fluid indoor/outdoor transitions will be on offer.

- For casual gamers, there is also an "Instinct" mode which can be turned off on higher difficulties -

Advantages the "Instinct" mode will bring:

. X-Ray vision

. Orange glow highlights position and routes of nearby NPC's

. Highlights usable objects and special actions

. Enhances certain abilities (for example makes it harder for enemies to see through disguises)

. Using Instinct costs energy that can be replenished by performing "Hitman" actions like stealth killing foes.

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PostSubject: Re: OFFICIAL Hitman Absolution   Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:00 pm

I saw Hitman 2 for like 3 bucks at gamestop the other day....I wanted to pick it up but I didn't XD

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OFFICIAL Hitman Absolution
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