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 Rules of the Trophy Forum *READ BEFORE YOU POST*

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PostSubject: Rules of the Trophy Forum *READ BEFORE YOU POST*   Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:38 pm

1) This is a place to organize a get together to help others with online trophies. If you say you're going to help someone then please show up. Constant failure to show up will earn you a temporary ban unless you can provide a good excuse.

2) Flaming this section of the forum that's designed to help other people will earn you the fabulous prize of one twenty four hour ban that doubles with each infraction.

3) If you would like to create your own guide I will allow it, if it's good enough then it may get a link in the trophy guide sticky thread.
BUT BE WARNED!!!!! The guide you make better not be plagiarized from another site. If I find that you copy and pasted your guide I will delete the guide and you will receive the ultimate prize: a permanent ban from this site.

4) This isn't a place to post a thread with a link to a trophy guide. I, or a mod, will delete the thread and you will receive a warning. If you made a guide on another site and would like for it to be shown here, then PM me and I'll add it to the trophy guide thread. This also links back to rule 3, if you copy and pasted the guide from another site that you yourself made, I won't allow that because some sites can be a real butt about it, but since you made the guide I'll add it to the Trophy Guide Thread. However, if I find out you pretended to be that user that made the guide on another site, you will receive the ultimate prize of a permanent ban from this site.

5) Remember to be civil, friendly, and search before you create a thread to see if the game you're wanting help on is already made.

Have fun hunting!

PS: Using the term trophy whore is forbidden on the forums, a user using this term will have their post modded to read Trophy Hunter.
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Rules of the Trophy Forum *READ BEFORE YOU POST*
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