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PostSubject: OFFICIAL Killzone 3 THREAD   Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:43 am

Game Info

Developer : Guerilla Games

Publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment

Genre : First Person Shooter

Release Date : February 22nd 2011 NA / EU TBA

Platform : PlayStation 3 [PS3]

PS3 Box Art

Gameplay Info:

Quote :
Just got my mag of Gamepro, and guess what I see. Killzone 3 baby! I'll take pictures of the screenshots later and post them and the information included in the article. Included in the article (while im reading) - Will show the Helghast have humanity left in them. - Will have the feeling that "of being in a place far away from home, outnumbered by people who want to kill you." - Will be like Inglorious Basterds. - All of the characters in the screenshots are flying in.. jetpacks?! - Will include arctic levels. - One mission in the game involves rescuing ISA Captain Narville. - Game is playable in 3D! - Have to wear 3D glasses, apparently the 3D effects are "crazy." - Combat is "unchanged from predecessor." - Or is it? Hand to hand combat involves you "Unloading a string of different (and often brutal) attacks on stunned enemies." - The scale is supposed to be "bigger this time." - The Jetpacks are "surprisingly lightweight and agile, Killzone 3's jetpack is easier to maneuver compared to the sluggish incarnations of the gadget found in other games." - New weapon called the Wasp, basically shoots a "flurry of rockets" at an enemy. - Will show off the Helgjast culture. - There is actually a Helghast language, which will be explored in the game. - Will have "diverse locales." - Have to sit in the center of the 3D tv for the 3D effects to work. - 3D in this game is called a "Game Changer." - Going to have "Intense Action" - Jetpacks double as a weapon, which basically means a machine gun mounted right on top of it. - If you shoot Helghast with jetpacks, they'll "explode like roman candles" - To control the jetpack, you "have to activate bursts of speed in midair, propelling yourself across further distances." - The Jetpack resembles something you'd do in platformers such as Super Mario Bros. Or Uncharted - In one mission, you have to use the jetpack by "launching yourself from glacier to glacier" - You'll see "a lot of" snow levels. - Everything is more spread out in this game. - The game looks very complete.
Quote :

Official Press Release Info:
Quote :
"With levels ten times bigger than in Killzone 2," gushes the bulletin, "this is Helghan like you've never seen it before. You'll face brutal combat in a host of environments that threaten to bury you on the deadly planet. Killzone 3 will see you trudge through toxic nuclear wastelands, get lost in a lethal alien jungle, fight in bitter arctic conditions and take the battle into space as you fight against Helghast domination - with every location featuring a distinct gameplay style for you to master."
Quote :

(First released Screenshot)

IGN UK Killzone 3 Hands-on Preview

Quote :
It seems Guerrilla is wise to its mistakes and Killzone 3 certainly won't be making any of them again. A big criticism of Killzone 2 was its one-note palette - sure, the grim browns and dead yellows certainly helped the oppressive aesthetic, but over the length of the campaign they soon became wearisome. Killzone 3 answers this with aplomb. Although they're not shown up and running, concept art for several of the levels show that this will be a relative kaleidoscope of colour, with the dreary wastelands left in the wake of Killzone 2's nuke giving way to jungles filled with phosphorous light, through to the brilliant white of the snowbound level we get to play today.

Additional Info:

Quote :

For Those That Had Issues With The Controls
has subtly refined gunplay. Guerrilla is coy on the specifics - no doubt down to the fact that the specifics are constantly being fine-tuned and are likely to be in flux until just before the game ships - but it's certainly more responsive than before. It's put to the test by level design that seems to favour more direct shoot-outs than the cowering gunfights of Killzone 2, but when cover is required it now seems more reliable and intuitive, and snapping behind objects is a much swifter experience. The player can also slide and vault over cover, for swifter and more cinematic motion. Steven Ter Heide (Senior Producer): "Killzone 2 had a slightly different way of approaching controls in terms of the weight - we really wanted to have that feeling that you're carrying a loaded weapon and it's heavy." "But at the same time the lag, the responsiveness of your controls, we felt we could improve that and we needed to improve that." "We remedied most of that with the patch but we're taking it a lot further for Killzone 3 so it's one of the key areas that we really want to improve on." "we wanted to make the game a lot more accessible this time around, and make sure that different types of player can enjoy it. So, whether you're run-and-gun or a more tactical player, however you want to play it, you can find that in Killzone. "There's a lot different options now. The cover's still there, so you still lean and peek, all those things that you're used to, but at the same time we didn't want to stifle the run-and-gun players. One of the things we're playtesting a lot at the moment is to make sure that there's a really broad range of gamers that can enjoy the game." "We felt that the original Killzone(he's referring to KZ2) was aimed at the hardcore, a little too much, and it should be opened up a lot more so that everyone can enjoy it. "

Melee system improvements:

Quote :
1thing that's definitely improved is the melee system, as the clumsy system of old is superseded by a much more dynamic way to stab someone in the face. It's now context sensitive: creep up on a Helghast and it's possible to kick them up against a wall before plunging the knife with a further press of the melee button. Going toe-to-toe with them enables some gruesome kills, sticking the knife in places it doesn't belong like a Helghast's ribcage or eye socket. In one final clip, An ISA soldier took down multiple Helghast troopers using kicks to their heads, rifle stocks to their faces and, in a closing shot, knocked an enemy flat off the floor, holding his head down with his boot before squeezing off a kill shot.

3D implementation:

Quote :
Oh, and there's one more thing that we've declined to mention so far. Killzone 3 will be one of the first Sony titles to support 3D out of the box, and thanks to a prototype TV using active shutter glasses set up at the event we can report that it looks stupendous - bullets zip out of the screen while particles such as snow and sparks are tangible elements of the game world. It feels like much more than a gimmick as well: peripheral details such as raging seas thrashing the icebergs combine with the way the player's gun seems to hang out of the screen (and indeed people were living up to the age-old clich? and reaching out to touch what wasn't there during the presentations) to create a level of immersion that's truly beyond anything we've seen to date.


Quote :
"We always refer to multiplayer as 'the other half of the game'," he said, "meaning that it's just as important to us as single player. It's an area on which we have key individuals working and I can promise true innovation. Right now we're looking through all of the feedback we received on Killzone 2, particularly around accessibility." Multiplayer improvements were mentioned, but not detailed. "It's safe to say that every wish-list feature has been addressed," Hulst offered, adding that further info on the "more accessible" online experience will come later this year.

Level Scale, Linearity and Loading times:

Quote :
Wrapping up the presentation, Hulst noted that the game will make use of some new technology, including improved streaming (eliminating the loading hiccups encountered in Killzone 2) and positional "depth of field audio." Hulst revealed that this demo level was 10 times the size of a typical Killzone 2 level, allowing for Guerrilla's designers to create multiple paths through it, expanding on the largely linear settings of the game's predecessor. "With Killzone 2, we thought we were scraping the bottom of the barrel in finding more processing power. But we actually found another 30 to 40 percent more performance in the PlayStation 3 to create these bigger worlds."

Diversity, AI, and Replayability:

Quote :
Hulst explained that one of the goals of this sequel is to "really explore Helghan." Whereas the previous game was set in an urban environment, Killzone 3 will play out across wastelands, jungles and an arctic sea, all leading to a final act set in space. Calling the game a "colossal campaign," Hulst said to expect more vehicles and larger enemies. All of the game's environments will offer "new play styles," he added. not only do you have these great viewing distances and these incredible vistas, you also have multiple routes and new ways of dealing with situations. You don't even always have to engage enemies, some of them you can sneak past. Obviously the jetpack opens a whole new realm of possibilities as well, you're on these oil rigs and whatever way you want to attack these guys, you can do that. Given our AI and the way we've set up the game, it's not scripted, in the way that you'd see in other games - our AI is much more responsive in terms of what is the current situation, where is the player and how should I behave? So we've taken that from Killzone 2, but rather than having confined spaces we now give them a lot more space to breathe in so now you start to see them do a whole host of new things because they've got a lot more room to play with. So rather than you always being able to sidetrack them, they'll be able to hunt you down and find you, a whole new kind of encounter set up. So however you take it, however you play it, it's going to be different.


The more "epic" presentation came across during a clip where the player was controlling a turret on-board a dropship, firing on a Helghast oil rig as huge sections of it fell away into a raging arctic sea. The player sent swarms of missiles at another building, bringing down its system of catwalks -- and the enemies on them.

Playstation EU Blog Info:

"As you may know, we are always in close contact with the Killzone community," he said. "The response to Killzone 2 has been fantastic but there is a general response that it had too many 'corridors'. We have to temper that with the knowledge that many players really enjoy that gameplay style. Our plan is to solve this dilemma with huge variation in gameplay styles. We had plenty of variety in Killzone 2 but much of it was introduced in the second half of the game. This time around, right from the start every new level has its own distinct feel."

*NEW* Gameplay Screenshots:[/img]

You can find more Game Screenshots here :

You can review all the scans for yourself here: Thread will be updated as additional details emerge. Smile

Special Thanks To Hawk14 and Stewarto For The Thread In The PS3 Section

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