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 Borderlands 2 - New Info From PAX 2011

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PostSubject: Borderlands 2 - New Info From PAX 2011   Sun Sep 04, 2011 4:43 pm

New details on Gearbox’s anticipated Borderlands 2 sequel have arrived. The information comes is based on a guided demo that the company made available at PAX.

Details from the demo include:

• It was the PC version running on Nvidia hardware

• Similar AA to the first game (aliased black lines)

• Significant NPCs have clever intro videos like in B1

• Basically the exact same UI but it now has a mini-map

• Some enemies can throw environmental objects at you

• Tediore weapons allow you to throw guns/mags as grenades

• ‘Bandit’ is a new weapon manufacturer with very large mags

• Torque guns all have exploding bullets that are somewhat slow

• Vladorf guns all have rotating barrels with high rates of fire

• Psychos will now dodge and they can be tactically wounded

• Maya replaces Lilith as the Siren character, can phasewalk

• Kamikaze robots act like zombies (eg, crawl if legs missing)

• Gunzerker class cannot zoom while dual-wielding weapons

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Borderlands 2 - New Info From PAX 2011
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