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 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Historiacross System

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Historiacross System    Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:20 am

The sequel will introduce a “Historiacross” system, which allows players to travel back and forth through time.

Each area in Final Fantasy XIII-2 has a “gate” which players can access to travel through time. Opening the gate requires “O-Parts,” which can be tracked down with the help of Noel’s Moogle.

A pair screenshots in the magazine show the Bresha Ruins. In the year AF005, the ruins are decorated with greenery. In the year AF300, it has become a barren wasteland. Another screenshot shows the text “Fragment 0/8″ on screen. A final image shows the player calling the main and save menus at the time travel gate.

Like Jump, Dengeki also has details on Lightning, who is now a knight protecting the goddess Etro in Valhalla. Noel met Lightning, and appeared before Serah to change the future, where he is the last man remaining. He tells Serah that Lightning is waiting for her.
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Historiacross System
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